Dear William Gleason,

Well, where do I begin?  Our yard before was were grass came to die, sometimes a fast death and sometimes slow.

But, we found William Gleason of Gleason Landscaping what a difference now it is beautiful and growing and we couldn't be happier.  Mr. Gleason shows up when he says he will and does what he says.  Told me the price will never go up and I did like that.  It never did go up.  He build us a wall also that looks very nice.  With all the rain we got that was nice to we got to cut back on the watering.

If you are looking for a landscaper, Mr. Gleason is your man.  Our next project is our driveway, but the at will have to wait fo us to get money set aside.  Then we will call Mr. Gleason back.

Very Happy Clients,

Jon and Patricia

Dear Bill,

Thank you very much for replacing some of our bushes.  We appreciate your customer service!

Clearly, one of the Forsythia and one of the Abbotswood Potentilla have died and can be replaced.

There are two Potentilla that do not look vibrant (one between the birch tree and the walk and one on the other side of the front steps).  However, both of these have some green growth and may eventually do just fine.  (One of them was almost dead when we first called you then it started sprouting again).  We will rely on your expertise as to the best course of action.  If you feel that we should not replace the two bushes in question, then plant the two extra Potentilla where there is room near the birch and we will pay you for them.

We have been watering the bushes regularly (except when we have rain).  Let us know if there is anything else that we should do.  What do you recommend in regard to feeding the bushes?

Thanks again...we are enjoying the landscaping and have received many compliments from family and friends.

Have a great day!
Jim and Cara



Dear William Gleason,
Well where do I begin?  Our yard before was were grass came to die, some times a fast death
and sometimes slow.
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